You know you’ve thought about it…

Trina Zomers, Owner

Everyone has a bucket list…and if you don’t, then you should. Can you guess what makes it on to more bucket lists than any other experience?

Someone once said that 90% of life is just showing up. Some of life’s greatest experiences happen because you take the first step to show up to your own life. You’ve taken that step by checking us out. Let us help you take the next one…

Welcome to Jump Omaha. We’re a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Skydiving Center located 1 mile south of Missouri Valley, IA at the Missouri Valley Airport. Conveniently located just a short 30 minute drive from downtown Omaha.

Browse through our programs and packages, and learn more about tandem skydiving. When you’re ready, contact us to book an appointment and we’ll take the next step…or leap…together.


  • Bringing you an amazing First Tandem Skydiving experience!
  • Learn to Skydive with our top-notch Skydiving Instructors
  • Master the basics with our First Jump Course and Parachute Packing Class
  • Get your skydiving A license through our comprehensive Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Program
  • Get your parachute Inspected, Repaired, Cleaned and Professionally Repacked
  • Rent or Buy Skydiving Gear
  • See the sky in a whole new way!


Our skydiving dropzone is conveniently located at the Missouri Valley Airport in Missouri Valley – within easy driving distance of downtown Omaha. Nestled Missouri River Valley, Jump Omaha Skydiving offers incredible views.

We know you have choices when it comes to where to jump and with which skydiving outfit. We want to be the reason that checking off a bucket list item turns into a lifestyle. Who lives like we do? We do…and we have a place for you!